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- 1776 -
Francis Lightfoot Lee and Patriots of the Revolution

Francis Lightfoot Lee and Patriots of the Revolution: 1776 – 1781

Born at Stratford Hall, Westmoreland County, Francis Lightfoot Lee became a resident of Richmond County when he married Rebecca Tayloe of Mount Airy. Lee signed the Leedstown Resolutions against the Stamp Act in 1766 and was a member of the Virginia Convention of March 1775 in which the “Virginia Revolution may be said to have begun” (Ryland, 1976) On July 4th, 1776, Lee signed the Declaration of Independence. Landon Carter and His son Robert Wormley Carter of Sabine Hall also ardently opposed the Stamp Act. William Peachey of Milden Hall was commissioned a colonel in the 5th Regiment of the Continental Army and held many important posts until the end of the Revolutionary War in 1781.

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